Open space entrepreneurship forum #1 – Sutton

Open space entrepreneurship forum #1 – Sutton

Thursday, December 7th, 2023, from 6PM to 9PM. At the tea room l’Art des possibles.
4 rue du Dépôt, Sutton, QC.
Cost: 20$, tax included. Reservation:

Open space forums are events where you are the hero! Together we create an agenda for the evening. You can come and suggest activities such as presentations, discussions, practical workshops, talking circles, lightning presentations, brainstorms, masterminds, and much more! Each session has a general question aimed at inspiring those attending. This way, you can think in advance about what activity you could put on the agenda. The creation of the agenda is done during the opening circle. You can also offer nothing and simply participate in the activities that will be on the menu. Herbal tea will be offered on site.

This open entrepreneurship forum is of course aimed at people who are thinking of starting a business, or who operate one, but also at people who are interested in it or who wish to network and learn on the subject. For this first edition, the very broad theme is: how can we improve the World through entrepreneurship?

The open entrepreneurship forum is organized by Art Plus Code Inc, a company that creates innovative mobile applications and offers software development consulting services. This first edition will be facilitated by Alexandre Quessy, a software developer and UX designer who has been organizing such open space forums since 2006.

Internships 2023

At Art Plus Code Inc., we are open to host internships in software development. Our distributed team works from home, and we use the latest tools and methodologies. We sometimes have in-person meetings as well.

Among the technologies we use are: Flutter, Vue.js 3, Qt 6, Python Node.js, Docker, Go, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Firebase, AWS, Digital Ocean, Ubuntu GNU/Linux, PostgreSQL, Redis and Pure Data. Our current projects are focussed on mobile applications and interactive multimedia.

We follow the trendiest agile and lean methodologies, such as Scrum, KanBan, lean UX, design sprints and design thinking. We adhere to the devops principles.

If you are interested to join us for an internship, please write to us at with a CV and a letter of motivation. We should follow up quickly.

Thank you!