Our services

We offer our services as consultants. Contact us to book a bank of hours. We do software development, but also UX design, project management, business analysis, devops and teaching. We will now describe the details on each of these activities.


Agile Facilitation

We can help you to identify what could have the most value for your new or existing product.
The agile methodologies are flexible, collaborative, and invite the stakeholders to actively take part in
the decisions about what feature to prioritize according to the constraints of the real world. We regularly
identify things we can improve in the way we work, and target measurable goals. We listen to your needs.
Our distributed network of software developers collaborate on the software to build. We use the Scrum framework, KanBan or hybrid approaches that might also combine with the waterfall methodology.


Business Analysis

We co-create the software requirements for the software to build, so that we make sure that will build what is really needed. The business analysts take care of writing the specifications by creating artefacts such as user stories. We can sketch a roadmap to adapt an existing solution to the changing needs of your customers, visitors or users. We emit hypotheses, measure their successful achievement and adapt our targets accordingly.


UX Design

Design is an act of empathy towards the user. User experience (UX) design is about helping your user to get their job done, with as little pain as possible. We can facilitate co-design workshops with the stakeholders, designers of a product and even their users. Our experience with multimedia allows us to integrate multi-sensory experiences involving sound, light, video, Web, desktop mobile and tangible user interfaces.


Software Development

Software developers are creators. We study the requirements provided, come up with a plan, and implement it. Software architects choose the best solutions to implement the features you want, and then programmers code it. A sensible software architecture with documented code allows easy maintenance afterwards. If there are issues that arise, we work in a team and fix them. We think in service-oriented architecture, and use the latest cloud-based approaches. Our frontend developers constantly evaluate the latest responsive frameworks to make a better experience for your users. We master multiple programming languages and software libraries, and are not tied to only one stack – we choose what is the best fit for each job. We use proven methods to deliver well-tested code.



System administrators and devops engineers can deploy and automate your project in the cloud. We use continuous integration and automated testing and deployment of our software to allow frequent delivery of new value – all the way to the user.



We like to share our knowledge about agile software development and UX design. We sometimes hold invitational webinars, so contact us if you want to be invited.